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RoGator sprayers are the most versatile and reliable self-propelled sprayers available today for use in both pre and post-emergence roles. RoGator has earned its place as the application industry's most trusted brand. TerraGator applicators are designed to withstand adverse field conditions and deliver top-quality results every time. The entire applicator features rugged construction and components designed to maximize productivity. From diesel engines with turbochargers to ergonomic operator cabs TerraGator applicators are built to work hard. Featuring models with both four wheels and unique three-wheel options, TerraGators are the last word in dependability and durability. Each model features EPA off-road certification and earns high marks for operator comfort, and you'll enjoy an unbeatable range of product application options.

TerraGator 9203

The 9000 series models of TerraGator deliver even higher performance by putting a full gear range (16 forward and three reverse) at your command through an easy-to-operate thumb control. The Powershift transmission enables you to start in any of the first five gears and shift instantly at full power without the need for clutching. The Advanced Application Cab featured on all TerraGators is designed to keep the operator productive, efficient, and safe at all times. The visibility offered by the six-post designed is unmatched, and the TerraGator has the industry's only cab engineered expressly for applicator use. We don't force you to make do with retrofitted tractor cabs.

Ag-Gator 2004

The Ag-Gator line has evolved continuously through models like the Ag-Gator 754 and Ag-Gator 1004. The latest model in the line is the Ag-Gator 2004, equipped with either a Cummins 378 V6 or a Cummins 504 V8 engine. The chassis is available with many different sprayers suitable for use with either dry or liquid fertilizer.

RoGator 664

Ag-Chem started offering an entirely new line of applicators for post-emergence use in 1993, the RoGators. Equipped with a high-clearance chassis, modifiable thread, and thin wheels, the RoGator 664 set a new standard for purpose-built applicators. The original RoGator 664 came with a 5.9-liter Cummins 6BTA engine with an Eaton Hydrostat transmission that delivered 177 hp. The RoGator 844 arrived in 1995, upping the output of the same engine to 180 hp. Incremental improvements continued, and 1996' RoGator 854 was further updated to get 200 hp out of the Cummins 6BTA engine. The latest upgrade, coming in 2000, overhauled the applicator's exterior with a set of rectangular headlights and a new grille.

TerraGator 8300

After careful and constant development, the TG8300 has risen to a place at the very head of the fleet of application machines made by AGCO. It has an incredibly rugged chassis designed for a long high-performance career. The 7300 and 8300 models of TerraGator offer AGCO's award-winning Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT. An industry standard and a highly popular option since its introduction in 1996, CVT is now fitted to more than 150,000 off-road agricultural vehicles. Both the TG7300 and the TG8300 feature an AGCO Power diesel engine with e3 technology for efficient, clean, effective powerful. Rated for 330 and 365 hp respectively and capable of delivering peak horsepower of 361 and 393, these power units give the continuously variable transmission all the energy it needs. Both engines are 8.4-liter units with six cylinders. Still built on cast-iron blocks for maximum strength and durability, all of our engines are assembled by hand.

We offer the only cab in the industry designed exclusively for use with application equipment. The six-post design maximizes all-around visibility. There's a separate pressurization unit working at all times to maintain positive cab pressure and keep the operator's working environment comfortable. The internal atmosphere is protected by a robust three-stage filter process that uses internal filters, external filters, and active carbon scrubbers to keep dust and odors out of the cab.

Designed to cover large areas and handle multiple jobs, all of our TerraGator models are designed to outpace their competitors in terms of durability and versatility. The chassis is constructed out of single lengths of rectangular tubular steel selected for maximum performance and strength. We use internal pressurization to make each length of 4"x12" cold-rolled steel as tough and stress-free as possible. The end result is a frame that is significantly stronger than a cut and welded chassis. Thanks to the careful design, the chassis is designed to minimize stress and flex while being used.

TerraGator 8103

Ag-Chem's single most popular line of applicators was the one including the TerraGator 1603, 1703, 1803, and 1903. Extensively overhauled in 1997, this line now features the 6103, 8103, and 9103 models. Each one boasts a brand new cab for the operator and an updated front mask. Both the TerraGator 6103 and the TerraGator 9103 come with a Caterpillar 6081H engine, while the TerraGator 9103 features a Caterpillar 3176C engine capable of producing up to 401 hp. All of the machines in the line use an automatic Funk Terra Shift transmission. Featuring a few minor updates from year to year, each of these models has been offered under both the AGCO and Challenger brands since 2001. (Challenger is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AGCO.)

TerraGator 1803

First sold in 1979, the TerraGator 1603 was intended from the outset to replace the TerraGator 1253. Offering a unique three-wheel layout, the new model featured several significant advantages. With unmatched maneuverability and minimal soil compaction, the new model was powered by either a Caterpillar 3208 or Cummins V/VT555 engine linked to a 10-speed manual Fuller transmission. Agco also offered a TerraGator 1603T model that included a turbocharger. The family was expanded with the 1703 and 1803 models, which offered options like Cummins 6CTA or John Deere 6081 engines, automatic Allison transmissions, or 18-speed manual Eatons. The range was expanded in 1991 with the introduction of the powerful TerraGator 1903. Featuring either a Cummins L10 (350 hp) or Caterpillar 3176 (400 hp) engine, the TerraGator 1903 used an 18-speed manual Eaton transmission. Tire size throughout the line was constant, with dimensions of 66x43.00-25.