My new Zetor 6745

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asked Oct 13, 2016 in Tractors by randy (2,510 points)
I just purchased a Zetor 6745 on the basic of a brief description and two sketchy photos for $NZ2000 ($US1400).  The shipping is going to cost around $500 since it is 400km away.

Apparently there is a broken PTO shaft and it comes with a spare.

I am planning on using it for baling hay along with the Welger AP71 baler that I own, which is 2 tonnes worth of German engineering.

Before hay season (January - March) I will need to fix the clutch and brakes, change all of the fluids and fix the PTO.

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answered Oct 13, 2016 by BillyBob (610 points)
They are all very logical and easy to wrench on, on most of the old Zetors the brakes are a standard ***, parts are quite inexpensive so there is no reason to leave any questionable parts on.  Remember that the axle seals need to be replaced.