The Oil Pressure On A 1952 Allis WD45

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asked Oct 26, 2016 in Tractors by Cody (670 points)
I purchased a 1952 WD45 recently and when I was growing up I remember we owned a WD45 with the wide front. When looking to buy my own I came across a unit with a narrow front and decided not to miss out on this opportunity. When I started using the tractor I noticed the oil gauge does not work but it looks relatively new. Since then I have only used the tractor for pulling straw wagons and a bit of bush hogging. When I changed this gauge at idle the tractor runs between 0 and 2psi. When in full throttle it runs at about 15 psi. My question is that why is the pressure this low when idling and what is the standard operating pressures.

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answered Oct 26, 2016 by randy (2,510 points)
My solution is that if the engine has not been altered in anyway, it could be that there is a buildup of sludge in the pan that clogs the pickup on the oil-pump. My tractor a Farmhall H has this particular issue which was corrected with an overhaul in my college days. My pressure gauge features a green and a red zone without any numbers, but the needle would hardly move once the tractor was in running mode. After the overhaul the needle sits inside the green zone and builds up instantly as soon as the engine is running. If possible remove the pan and have a look at the oil pump and the pan. If the gauge is correct you do not have enough oil-pressure in your engine.