long360 tractor data says D-115 but i have D-124 what is differance?

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asked Jan 19 by Bobcat (120 points)
I am 2nd owner told this tractor is a 1981 model , not sure about that , org owner passed away ,son doesn't know that much serial # for engine is 460371 tractor serial# 594750

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answered Feb 4 by richieframe (800 points)
Nothing of critical importance, all parts of the engine will be the same, certain engine parts require a verification of what is installed, such as the engine bearings and cylinder liners, and on a D-124 those might have been a specific part number, but they are never referenced as such in a parts book. They stopped producing the D-124 and went back to calling that engine the D-115, even after making permanent design revisions, such as fixing the liner OD to 103mm
commented Feb 9 by Bobcat (120 points)
thanks for that info you wouldn't know what years they did this do you, that will help me get close to the year etc,?