Installing an EP 1132 alternator in place of an EP 1134

If you have a Romanian Long, UTB, or Universal tractor made from around 1990, they came with an alternator made by Electroprecizia, model 1134. Unfortunately, this part was discontinued by EP several years ago. Luckily, the older design 1132 alternator can be used with some modification.

For Long tractors, the 1134 model was Long part number TX17136, for UTB/Universal tractors, it was 1134 or 1134.000. Electrically it was the same as the 1132 with the addition of an AC tap (WD+). Mechanically, it was smaller and the terminals were in different locations.

On the currently produced 1132, not all terminals are marked. Specifically the DF terminal which connects to the matching DF terminal on the voltage regulator. This terminal is in the center of the back of the alternator, as seen in the picture. The other terminals (B+, C, D-) have markings on the aluminum housing indicating their function, but since these markings are part of the casting, they may not always be clear.

When installing the 1132 in place of an 1134, it is important to match the terminals by code, not location. We add the WD+ AC tap to the TX17136-KIT replacement alternator (modified 1132) we sell, it is a red wire with spade terminal sticking out of the plastic cover plate, and is attached to one of the stator wires at the diode assembly.

The WD+ terminal is not always used, on some tractors it provides an impulse signal to the electrical tachometer or hour meter, other models may use a magnetic pickup sensor for this function, and the WD+ terminal is not used at all.

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