830460-Dump Spool Pressure Test Instruction Guide

Instructions for Checking TA and Direct Drive Pressure

1. Remove the linkage from the clutch dump valve.

2. Remove the nut that holds the clutch dump valve in place in the MCV.

3. Remove the clutch dump valve spool from the MCV.

4. Install the Dump Spool Tester in place of the clutch dump spool. Be sure the hole in the end of the spool is pointing outward toward the JIC fitting. Secure with the JIC fitting provided. This fitting will allow you to hook up a 0-600 lb. gauge

5. When finished checking the pressure remove the Dump Spool Tester and replace with dump valve and spring. Reinstall the nut and linkage as before.


By installing a second gauge at the bottom of the MCV you can see the action of the oil as it comes back from steering and goes to the clutches in the torque amplifier. If the oil is slow or delayed going through the pressure regulator to the TA clutches, there is probably a leak somewhere in the system. A leak can occur in the seat, brakes, brake cooling and lube, clutch booster cylinder, TA, or differential lock. The oil and pressure can be leaking internally to sump and cannot be detected from the outside. By using this check spool you can check the oil pressure after the pressure regulator. The pressure regulator is designed to shut down the oil to the TA, should there be a leak or low pressure in the system. This will ensure that the tractor has brakes. The brakes get their oil before the pressure regulator. To find the leak or reason for the low pressure it is often necessary to block off one of the demands on the system at a time.