830463-Flow Rater Instruction Guide

Product Manual

IH Hydraulic Section

Information on 830463 Flow Rater


 Flows up to 30GPM

 Liquid filled @ 5000 PSI gauge

 Direct reading

 Strong durable unit

 Standard ¾” NPT female ports

 Adjust in-line flow rates and pressures for maximum system pressure

 Temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit

 Test pressure relief valve settings

 Good viscosity stability

 No electrical connections

 Maintenance free

Test for Pump Efficiency

1) Make sure needle valve on tester is wide open.

2) Run your system to its normal operating speed.

Note: GPM on flow meter

3) Slowly close needle valve on tester to system pressure.

(While under pressure note GPM) if system’s pressure is unknown, check with manufacturer

4) Take your GPM in Step 3 and divide it by GPM in Step 2.

This will tell you your pump’s efficiency.

Caution: DO NOT exceed manufacturer’s maximum pressure rating of pump.