830484-TA Pressure Isolator Instruction Guide

This tool was developed to help diagnose lube light problems. The purpose is to isolate clutch pack pressure from the TA and Direct Drive clutch packs. This tool blocks off TA and Direct Drive oil from entering the torque jumper tubes. Lube oil is still allowed to enter the torque.


1. Remove selector spool nut and spool.

2. Install isolating rod (threaded end up) and nut.


1. With isolator installed, start tractor and read lube pressure.

a. Lube pressure comes up to normal operating pressure.

(a leak in the torque is robbing lube oil).

b. Problem with lube oil still exists.

(problem is in lube circuit of MCV or TA).

We also sell a selector spool nut socket P/N 830406