830486-Draft Load Sensing Pin Elimination Kit Instruction Guide

The following steps must be completed on the left side and right side sensor harnesses.

1. Remove sensing pin retainer plate located on the outside of the link mounting bracket.

2. Unscrew the wiring harness connector from the sensing pin.

3. Remove the rubber grommet from the top of wiring harness protection tube. Pull wire harness up through the tube.

4. Plug in the Electronic Load Sensing Elimination Modules to the free end of the wiring harness.

5. Using the supplied tie wraps secure the sensor wiring harness with the sensor elimination module to the tractor harness that is routed below the back of the cab.

6. Reinstall the grommet into the tube.

7. Reinstall sensing pin retainer plate.

Hitch control functions will work in manual mode only, without draft control.