Gear Pump Conversion (830456 & 830457) Instruction Guide


Kit converts from closed hydraulic system to open hydraulic system.

 It is necessary to remove tractor seat, floor plates, rear and side mounted fuel tanks, and drain Hy-Tran for installation of this kit.

 Items #1 through #15 are to be removed from tractor.

 Item #6 spring must be retained for re-installation.

 Items #11, #12, and #13 are removed as an assembly.

 Item #14- also remove the filter retainer, pump suction tube, retaining ring and seal from the filter cavity in the rear frame.

1 – Attenuator 9 – Elbow

2 – Attenuator Line 10 – Signal Line

3 – Pressure Relief 11 – Pump Mounting Flange

4 – Signal Line 12 – Compensator

5 – Unloading Valve Fitting 13 – Piston Pump

6 – Unloading Valve Spring 14 – Filter

7 – Unloading Valve Spool 15 – Filter By-Pass

8 – Feed Line


 Mount pump and spacer to mounting flange, see illustration

#2. Loosely attach the pump and flange sub-assembly to the

tractor with mounting bolts (not included).

 Install pump suction tube oil seal onto the pump suction

tube. The seal lip must face the pump. Reach through the

filter cavity and place the suction tube with seal into the

housing bore. The suction tube must be fully inserted into the

pump suction port. Use a 1-3/16” socket to push the seal into

the housing bore.

 Note: DO NOT bottom the seal in the bore as excessive force

may lift seal lip. Tighten pump mounting flange bolts.

 Install filter retainer. Secure a new hydraulic filter from parts

and install it and the new hydraulic filter relief valve in the

filter cavity. Install the cover and new unloading valve #7.

 Install the original unloading valve spring #6.

 Install new unloading valve fitting #5.

 Install plug #1 w/ o-ring at the port where the signal line was

removed from the top of the auxiliary valve bracket.

 Install new tee forward of filter housing with ¼” NPTF hole

pointing up. Install screened orifice #4, see illustration #3.

 Install swivel tee #8 to orifice assembly #4.

 Install hose #9 from swivel tee #8, direct hose up to unloading valve fitting #5.

 Install hose #10 from swivel tee #8 to the front of the auxiliary valve bracket.

 Install relief valve #3 w/o rings.

 Install hose #11 from the side of motor priority and variable raise valve to the rear of auxiliary valve bracket.

 Install hose #12 from front side of motor priority and variable raise valve to the new tee in front of filter.

 Installation is complete, refill tractor with Hy-Tran.