How To Keep Your Tractor Running Strong

Working a piece of valuable equipment is quite laborious, but if you neglect small things, they can become a big problem and prevent you from getting a job done.

Here are six things which you ought to examine on your tractor each time you use it to keep it working at its best and saves you money in the long term.

Fuel Level: Even though this might seem obvious, just how a lot of you know of somebody who runs out of gas in their car on a regular basis. Its happens daily and I will bet that if you get extremely busy, you’ll see yourself at least 1 or 2 fear moments linked to the total fuel amount in your tractor.

Oil Level

We frequently forget that the oil in the motor of our tractor is like the blood of life in our veins.

If you start to get rid of oil it may do lots of things that you may not be aware of. Low oil means the available oil is heating up more, wearing down faster and might even leave the motor without oil if you’re working off camber or on abrupt ground.


Maintaining a big engine cool isn’t only the job of the coolant, but in addition the radiator. In case your coolant gets reduced and air is introduced to the system you may start a heating problem. In case the radiator gets clogged with debris then you get a separate issue altogether.

Coolant may also alert you to possible problems inside the motor itself. Milky coolant is a potential sign of motor issues and should the temperature regulation system starts to fail, pipes or internal parts, then you’ll more than likely see particles suggesting this in the coolant.

Air Filter

This is yet another easy, but a very important part to check how dust and dander from areas may clog the air filter, causing the motor trouble in the long term. Let alone small rodents love tight, dark distances to hide their precious possessions. You could don’t have any air intake at all from just one night at the barn!


External components such as the water pump and alternator make need a belt to run them on most tractors. The power steering and AC run off the belted system on the motor and shedding one belt could indicate that several of those items won’t work at all.


In case you’ve big tools attached to your tractor such as a brush hog, tiller, harrows or some other big nurturing equipment, you should look over it as well. I can’t tell you how often times I’ve started the tractor up engine, stepped off the aspect of the beast to inspect the bush pig there lay a little dog hiding in the shade of the filler.