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743 Bobcat

As a skid steer loader, the Bobcat 743 has wheels on the left side of the loader. These are operated independently of the right wheels. Loaders are perfect to use to load trucks and transport materials to work sites.


Using a Kubota V1702 engine, the Bobcat 743 loader is a diesel engine. With four-cylinders and producing 36 horsepower per the manufacturer. It has an engine displacement of 105.7 cubic inches.


Per the manufacturer, the skid steer loader is 120.4 inches in length and it's 44.1 inches in width. It's 75.8 inches tall and the wheelbase is 35.4 inches. Its maximum height is 21.8 inches in reach.

Other Specifications

Hydraulic pump on the Bobcat 743 is a skid steer pumping fluid at the rate of 11 gallons each minute. It's rated as an operating capacity and a maximum load limit on the loader is 1300 pounds. You can fill the bucket to a capacity of 9.6 in cubic feet.

Bobcat 742

The Bobcat 742 loader is a skid steer loader as well. This one is a gasoline engine producing 38 horsepower. It's four cylinders and it weighs in at 4440 pounds. It is fully equipped with a universal skid steer quick hitch and allows you to connect a wide array of skid steer parts to the loader. You can use Buckets, Harley rakes, grapple buckets, 4 in 1 buckets, hydraulic augers, trenchers, pallet forks, brush cutters, sweepers, dozer blades, stump grinders and other implements and attachments as well. All of these mentioned are frequently used on the Bobcat 742 skid steer loader.

As a gasoline powered small skid steer loader, it was available from 1981 through 1990. Replacements are the 742B model and were released by Bobcat in the year 1991. This one came with a front bucket and there were other attachments that also fit it including the forks for shipping pallets as well as augers and brush cutting attachments.


Featuring a liquid cooled gas engine the Bobcat 742 is made by the Ford Company. With four cylinders and the 1.6-liter displacement as well as the 34 horsepower per the Bobcats Specifications.


Measuring in at 121.4 inches long, Bobcat 742 is an extremely short 35.4-inch wheelbase. At 55.1 inches wide and it's 75.8 inches high it's hinge pin on the bucket sits 109 inches from the ground. This one is rated at an operating weight of 4730 pounds.


Included as a standard feature the auxiliary hydraulic system had a pump that could generate 11 gallons per minute with the hydraulic flow to life and drop the bucket and the other attachments.


The 742 is rated for operating with up to 1300 pounds. The 741 bucket didn't reach tipping load until they filled it up to 2600 pounds of material. The regular bucket was 54 inches wide and it had 9.6 cubic feet of capacity. At its maximum height, it was 21.8 inches of reach.

Bobcat 642B

Another fine skid steer loader fully equipped with the universal skid steer quick hitch. This allows the user to chooses from a wide range of attachment like stump grinders, dozer blades, trenchers, pallet forks, various types of buckets and hydraulic augers. This model was produced from 1986 through 1993.

Engine/Tire Size

With a Mitsubishi engine running on gasoline, the Bobcat 642B loader has four cylinders and produces up to 32 horsepower. It has a front and a rear tire size of 7.00 by 15.


Measuring at 120.1 inches long and at 55.1 inches wide, this loader is 75.8 inches high. The bucket hinge pin has a maximum height of 109 inches. with a maximum reach of 21.8 inches total. Its wheelbase measures 35.2 inches. The width of the bucket is 54 inches with a capacity of 9.6 cubic feet.


Weighing in at 3960 pounds, the Bobcat 342B skid steer loader has an operating capacity of 1000 pounds. The wand tipping load is 2000 pounds.

Pump Capacity

The pump capacity of the hydraulic pump for the Bobcat342B skid steer loaders is at 9.5 gallons per minute. It has an auxiliary high-flow pump that is also 9.5 gallons per minute. It has auxiliary hydraulics that is also optional.

Additional Features

With the Bob-Tach attachment system, you have standard features on the G Series skid steer loaders. These features allow for the user to change out the attachments with the easy flip of a switch and you can remain in the cab the entire time. This switch is located right on the dash panel and it engages the Bob-Tach wedges for the attachment that you've chosen to use. It provides a constant change of pressure in order for the attachment to remain secure.

Bobcat 7753

Just a year after they launched the 753 the engineers took their cue from others who were in the industry and created a multi-link lift arm structure that stretched the wheelbase a few more inches. This resulted in a vertical life path 7753. It was later dropped to the 773. It had more capacity in the 1700 pounds than other similar sized loaders. The 773 had more vertical through the lift cycle than the previous model. It had more height and reach and it was more adept at loading trucks.

The 753L was later dropped to the 753 and was designed in 1993. It kept the traditional radius path life arm however, it provided more of the lift capacity at 1500 pounds. It retained a tight radius for tight applications.

At 1700 pounds and rated 853, it went through a similar transformation. It was first the 853H and had a high-flow auxiliary hydraulic pump that had power attachments such as breakers and planters. It had a vertical life of 873 and 2300 pounds rated operating capacity ROC. This was launched in 1995 and in 1996 it had a long wheelbase of 863 and replaced the 853 and the 853H model.

743B Bobcat

With a diesel engine producing 36 horsepower, the Bobcat 743B skid steer loader has four cylinders and weighs in at 4850 pounds. With 743B skid steer from the Bobcat, it comes equipped with a full universal skid steer and a quick hitch. This allows you to connect this to a wide selection of skid steer parts. You can readily attach buckets, Harley rakes, Grapple Buckets, as well as 4 in 1 buckets and trenchers. It also has hydraulic augers and pallet forks as well as sweepers and brush cutters and stump grinders. The dozer blades are all commonly used on the Bobcat 743B skid steer loaders. You'll find their recommended attachments that they offer. They also sell the recommended attachments on their website for the skid steer models. Bobcat 743B loader has an optional high flow that extends the skid steer loader so that you can use even more powerful attachments on it as well.

Bobcat Skid Steer 

The Bobcat company created the first skid steer loader. They've celebrated their 50-year history of both quality and Performance and reliability. No wonder that they're the best selling skid steer loader in the world. When they're paired with genuine Bobcat attachments, the skid steer models are a force to be reckoned with on the job sites. With over a dozen models that can be selected from you'll find the perfect machine for all of your needs.

Bobcat 853

As part of the C Series in the Bobcat skid loaders, the Bobcat 853 has an engine with 58 horsepower and runs on diesel. Featuring liquid engine cooling systems it keeps the engine from overheating. Id doesn't have a turbocharged engine. It offers 18 gallons per minute or GPM pump with an auxiliary high flow of up to 18 GPM. It has a rated operating capacity ROP of 1700 pounds and the ROC refers to the total the machine can carry without worry of tipping over. It ensures the safe operation of the skid loader and should never exceed the ROC weight limits. Tipping load is 3420 pounds and has a tip load that refers to the load that is at the center of gravity for the machine itself. It will slightly tip at the front axle when the machine is filled to capacity. Maximum operating weight is 6500 pounds and the weight refers to the weight of the machine as well as the operator and the gas that is in the fuel tank. The measurement doesn't include what the load weighs. The Bobcat 853 is at 7 feet in height and 4 inches by 5 feet and one inch wide. The bucket hinge pin is set at 10 feet high. The arm of the bucket is able to reach up to 2 feet and the wheelbase which is the distance from the two front wheels is set at 3 feet and 2 inches wide. The skid loader is complete with the Bobcat Interlock Control System or BICS. It has safety measures which require the operator to lock the seat bar and turn the engine on.

Bobcat 632

Released in 1977, the Clark Bobcat 643 was released by the Melroe Manufacturing Company, the original makers of the Bobcat. This was acquired by the Clark Equipment Company and given their name for the model 632 skid steer loader. Today, the company still produces skid loaders using the Bobcat name. The brand of Bobcat has been an informal name for skid steer loaders. Clark Bobcat 632 has a unique liquid cooled 30 horsepower engine for gasoline. It used liquid cooling and not air cooling as other models do. This means that they can also operate in warmer air temperatures with no overheating concerns. The hydraulic systems flow rate is 9.5 gallons per minute and the max tip load is 2100 pounds with an operating capacity of 1000 pounds. The max tip load is the load which is in the bucket and will be dependent on the weight of said load. Tipping also depends on the skill of the operator and their ability to stabilize the load for the terrain and load shift. Forward reach of the bucket is 22 inches. It's 76 inches tall and it's 55 inches wide and it's 109 inches from the hinge pin. With driver and a full fuel tank, the operating weight is 3925 pounds. This includes the Bobtach attachment system as well as the connecting lift accessories besides the standard bucket. The attachment system that makes the accessories is flexible and can do a variety of tasks.

Bobcat 642

It is a skid steer loader equipped with a skid steer quick hitch. The feature allows anybody using the machine to connect it to various attachments such as dozer blades, stump grinders, pallet forks, different types of buckets, trenchers and also hydraulic augers. Produced between 1996 and 1993, the Bobcat 642B comes equipped with a Mitsubishi engine that runs purely on gasoline. The engine itself has 32 horsepower from the 4 cylinders present.

• Front and rear tire is 7.00 inches by 15 inches
• Entire machine is 120.1 inches long by 55.1 inches wide and a height of 75.8 inches
• Maximum height required to reach the bucket hinge pin is 109 inches with a maximum reach of 21.8 inches
• The wheelbase loader is 35.2 inches
• Bucket width of 54 inches with a capacity of 9.6 cubic feet
• The operating weight is 3960 lbs
• A rated operating capacity of 1000lbs and the tipping load is 2000 lbs.
• The hydraulic pump capacity is 9.5 gallons per minute
• The auxiliary high-flow pump has a capacity of 9.5 gallons per minute, although these are optional when using the machine.
• The G-series skid steer loaders come with a Bob-Tach attachment system feature that allows users to change attachments with a simple switch while still in the cab. Once you press the switch, located on the dash panel, you can engage the Bob-Tach wedges into your preferred attachment. To keep the attachment secure, the system provides a constant charge pressure in check.

Bobcat 753

• It has a liquid-cooled engine that runs on diesel gasoline and provides 40 HP. The auxiliary hydraulics provide a pump capacity and auxiliary high flow of 11 GPM. There's also an automatic engine shutdown mechanism as well as a 14-gallon fuel tank, a standard feature on the model.

• It travels at a speed of 6.6 MPH. With attachments, the skid steer measures 121.1 inches and 96.3 inches without. The overall length including the standard bucket is 120.5 inches and 55 inches as well as a height of 76.1 inches with the operator cab. To the bucket hinge pin, the height totals 109.1 inches and the reach at the maximum height is 19.1 inches.

• The wheelbase, 35.5 inches, has a turning base of 69.3 inches with an operating weight of 4730 lbs. The rated operating capacity of 1300 lbs while the rated one, as well as the counterweight option, is 1400lbs. The tipping load has a weight of 2600 lbs.

• The optional interior features include a cab heater, enclosed cab, suspension seat with optional controls such as deluxe instrument package. You can always opt for a hydraulic bucket on the exterior for positioning preferences.

Bobcat 763

This particular model was first manufactured back in 1994 in the C series. Later in 1997, the F, HF and G series were manufactured. They were all cooled by liquid thus making it easier to handle larger loads. Even better it allows easier excavating because of the good breakout force. The C series is powered by a diesel engine that runs on 46 horsepower. It can lift up to 1500lbs as high as 114.5 inches.

The C model is about 130 inches in length as well as the F and G models. The 3 models have the same width of 68 inches. The C series is as high as 76 inches while the G series is an inch taller. Additionally, the 763C model has a maximum forward reach of 16.5 inches. The operating weight for all models is 5368lbs with a wheelbase of about 40 inches.

Some of the standard features in the 763 series include the automatically activated glow plugs, a hydraulic engine shutdown and also front auxiliary hydraulics. Other standard features include a spark arresting muffler, a lift-arm support and also the interlock control system, a proprietary Bobcat feature. On the C model, there are some standard features such as an adjustable seat cushion that comes with a seat bar and a seat belt. It also comes with both rear and front lights.

Standard equipment on these models includes the warning lights, gauges, parking brake and also meters. The series also uses attachments such as chippers, farm grapples, pallet forks, diggers, snow blowers, buckets, industrial grapples, sod layers, snow blades, augers, sweepers, concrete mixers, tillers and also dozer blades. These are some of the optional attachments available on this series and much more.

Bobcat 743

The model was manufactured between 1991 and 1993, It is used by snow removal companies, farmers and also landscapers. The model comes with various attachments that can be swapped out easily depending on the user's preferences. It runs on a diesel engine with 36 horsepower. It also has 4 cylinders and an overall weight of 4600lbs.

It is also equipped with a quick hitch that allows you to connect various attachments to the loader. Some of the commonly used attachments include stump grinders, grapple buckets, 4 in 1 buckets, pallet forks, buckets, Harley rakes, hydraulic augers, trenchers, brush cutters, sweepers and also dozer blades. Some of these attachments are available on our website on sale. If you own the model with a high flow, you can always use more powerful attachments for whatever purpose effectively.

Bobcat 773

It is one of the most versatile skid steer loaders. It has a small-frame, powered by an engine that allows attachments that make the labor easier. It has a 56 horsepower turbocharged engine then runs on diesel. The fuel tank has a capacity of 23 gallons while the overall operating capacity is 1850lbs. the tipping load is 3900lbs with an operating weight of 5808lbs. It has a suspension and an interlock brake system. There's the turning radius of 78.8 inches with a wheelbase of 40.6 inches.

Without attachments, the total length is 101.8 inches long. With the standard attachment of a bucket, the length can stretch to 130.3 inches. The measurements are 66 inches width and a height of 76.3 inches. The arms reach as high as 29.6 inches. To extend the life of the loader, you should always troubleshoot and keep a regular maintenance schedule. Always keep the fuel tank filled above the quarter level.

Keep in mind, just like any automotive, keeping the fuel levels very low would affect the performance of your 4 cylinder engine. Use the right fuel, diesel to keep the machine running as normal. During the cold weather, you should supplement the fuel tank using diesel fuel additives. That way, you can prevent the moisture from accumulating in the engine and creating ice crystals thus disrupting the start-up of your engine. Don't forget to change the filters found in the hydraulic system regularly.

You should consistently test the relief valve using a pressure gauge for 3000lbs, per each square inch of reading. Check the main drive belt regularly for any wear and tear. Additionally, when the hydraulics are operating, you should listen for any squeals and squeaks. Any sign of these signals a strain on the lift capacity of the entire system. You should also drive the loader around then observe the turning radius by making circles using wet tires.

Using a tape measure, you should determine the circle diameter then measure the outer and inner tires. A good turning radius equals half the diameter and the correct radius is 79 inches. If there's a huge divergence from this figure, there could be some wear on your tires or other problems on the steering mechanisms of the machine.

Bobcat 610

Just like the other models, the bobcat 610 is powered by an engine and features lift arms that are fitted with buckets and other attachments to create the most efficient loaders. It has a length of 107 inches with a height of 82 inches. The model is 54 inches wide with a wheelbase of 35 inches with a ground clearance of 8 inches. The steer loader has a 30 horsepower engine with 4 cylinders. The engine displacement is about 107.7 cubic inches.

Other specifications of the Bobcat 610 model include the rated operating capacity of 1000lbs, a safe weight that can be lifted effectively. The hydraulics operate at 1700 per square inch. The machine has a maximum travel speed of 6.6 mph with 3805lbs of overall weight. It also comes equipped with a skid steer quick hitch allowing you to connect the machine to various attachments.

Just like the other models, attachments that you can use on this machine include pallet forks, trenches, buckets, brush cutters, grapple buckets, trenchers, stump grinders, dozer blades, Harley rakes and much more. If you take a good look at our website, you should find many of the recommended attachments that you can use with the skid steer at the most affordable prices. If you have the high flow model, you can always extend the loader to attach the most powerful attachments.

Here's all the information you need to know about the Bobcat series of skid steer loaders. By looking through the various measurements and specifications, you can find the right model that matches with all your needs. Since they come with various attachments, you can adapt your preferences to match your need for the machine. Follow the maintenance advice accordingly to make sure the machine lasts for longer and that includes using the right fuel for it. You can always find more information on our website and as well as the best attachments that go with the machines.