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If you own an International Harvester then you know quality. IH has been one of the worldwide leaders in professional grade agricultural machinery for farmers of all sizes. Odds are you rely on your International Harvester to help you get the job done, and therefore are only interested in purchasing the highest grade International Harvester parts. TractorJoe offers thousands of replacements for IH parts, from alternators, to gaskets, to starters and water pumps. If your IH tractor, mower, harvester, tiller, generator or combine needs a replacement part then you are in the right place. You can trust TractorJoe to deliver only the best replacements for your IH tractor parts right to your door. We back up our parts with an industry leading warranty, so you know that you will get the right part when you need it. We are also constantly updating our catalog to ensure that all of our IH parts fit your machine properly. There is simply nothing worse than buying a new replacement part and finding out that it’s the wrong one!

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By consolidating five of their past harvesting machinery competitors into a single company, International Harvester Company was founded, at that time they made up 90% of all the grain binder business. The companies were Champion Line of Harvesting Machines, Deering Harvester Company, Milwaukee Harvesting Company, Plano Manufacturing Company, and McCormick Harvesting Machine Company. Cyrus Hall McCormick, Jr. and Charles Deering held the voting power for this new company, there were sons of two of the harvesting machine pioneers, along with a J.P. Morgan partners, George Perkins who was the one who arranged and financed this consolidation.

What they were primarily known for was for the production of harvesting equipment. They started, around 1905, experimenting with tractors. The tractors were huge, powerful and clumsy, and even though in large areas they were useful, they did not work very well for small acreage farmers.

Their first attempt at making a tractor that was smaller was the Mogul 8-16 and it was a major success. By introducing several follow-on models, they continued to refine their small line of tractors. Production on their famous letter series of tractors began in 1939, the A, B, H and M were included among these.

International Harvester produced many tractors during their reign and they were ranked as one of the largest manufacturers of tractors. In 1984, International Harvester was purchased by Tenneco, they then merged with Case Corporation.

The 8-16 Mogul and F-Series

The first row crop tractor that IH ever manufactured was named Farmall. At the beginning of the 1920´s, development started and that tractor was introduced in 1924. IH was concerned that this new "tricycle" designed tractor may not sell very well, so when it rolled out initially, they only intended to sell the tractors in Texas do that they could minimize the potential embarrassment if it were not to be a success. However once Farmall proved successful, the right for that type of tractor were purchased by IH.

In 1932, IH introduced an updated Farmall who was called the F-20. The F-20 replaced the original Farmall, and then was referred to, after the F-20 was introduced, by the retronym of Regular. IH added other tractors to the series, and this series became known as the "F-series." These includes the F-30 which in 1931 introduced, the F-12 which in 1932 was introduced and the F-14 which in 1938 was introduced. Up until the mid-1930s, all Farmall tractors were painted in battleship gray and then the switch was made red.

Mogul 8-16

The Mogul 8-16 was manufactured in 1915 by McCormick (International Harvester Company). Its serial number was SB11203. It came with 8 drawbar horsepower and 16 belt pulley horsepower. It had a single forward and reverse speed: 1.5 mph. Over the three years the McCormick sold Mogul (1914.1916, they sold 14,065 units. In 1915, ⅓ of the complete 15,000 tractors which were sold in the US were in fact, Moguls. The other ⅔ were divided among fifty-seven other companies that manufactured tractors.

Farmall Regular

Farmall Regular was the first all-purpose tractor made by IH. Initially, it was only called the "Farmall," in 1931 however, they started to call it the Farmall Regular.

Farmall F-20

First introduced in 1932, this tractor could be purchased with either a wide front or narrow front end. Close to 150,000 F-20´s were manufactured.

Farmall F-30

This tractor was first introduced in 1931 and 623 tractors were introduced during its first year. Similar to the F-20, the F-30 came with 20 horsepower and a 4-speed transmission.

Farmall F-12

In 1932, IH produced only 25 Farmall F-12 models. After the very first sample production, these numbers were raised up to a total of 123,407 pieces. The production ended in 1938 when the more powerful F-14 was introduced. Like all Farmall tractors, this small tractor could turn on a dime. This tractor was ideal for quite a few light farm tasks, it was very easy to handle and it could pull a two-bottom plow, it also featured a rear tread that was adjustable. Only two quarts of gas were used on an average load per hour, this made it one of the most economical tractors which had ever been produced.

Farmall F-14

The Farmall F-14 and the Farmall F-12 were nearly identical. The one conscious difference was the decal and steering shaft angle. However, the major difference was that its engine was more powerful, it could handle two plows as opposed to only one.

International Harvester Tractor Maintenance Guide

International Harvester
Tractor Maintenance Guide
9 Tractor Parts To Check Monthly
Air Conditioning
  1. Does it turn on?
  2. Does it give full range of temperature options?
  3. Is air blowing at proper levels of intensity?
  1. Does the engine run?
  2. If the engine runs, check voltage at battery without the engine running. A good battery will read ~12.6 volts.
  3. With the engine running, turn on your entire electrical load (e.g. AC, Heater Fans, Lights, etc.). At this point, a proper alternator should be sending ~14.6 volts to the battery.
Clutch Parts
  1. Does the clutch get stuck in any gear?
  2. Do you hear any grinding or creeping sounds?
Fuel Systems
  1. Check the Engine Oil Fluid Level
  2. Check the Coolant Fluid Level
  3. Check the Hydraulic Fluid Level
  4. Check all other fluid levels. Also check for pooling or leaking underneath the tractor. Lower fluid levels could indicate AN area from where leak is originating.
Hydraulic Pumps
  1. Is there an abnormal noise?
  2. Is the tractor operating sluggishly?
  3. Is the temperature of the fluid abnormally high? Refer To Your Tractor Manual For Normal Temperature Ranges.
  1. Is it rusty?
  2. Are the bolts tightened?
  3. Does it need to be unclogged?
  4. Does it need to be replaced? If it is malfunctioning or if the tractor is operating with excessive straws or leaves in the air, you may need a new radiator.
  1. Is the seatbelt functioning?
  2. Are there any cracks in the seat?
  3. Do you need a new seat accessory?
  1. Is the battery charging properly?
  2. Are the electrical connections and wiring functioning properly?
  3. Is the solenoid properly attached?
  4. Is the motor functioning properly?
  5. Do you hear an abnormal noise?
Water Pumps
  1. Is the water pump leaking?
  2. Is the coolant properly working when you adjust the temperature to cold?
  3. Is the belt properly tightened?
Tires & Wheels
  1. Are the tires and wheels properly inflated?
  2. Are there cuts or breaks in the tread or sidewalls?