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Ferguson Tractor TO-20 Operation and Maintenance Manual

All controls of your Ferguson Tractor are within
reach of the operator.
The accom-
panying illustration
shows the various controls
of the tractor
and is keyed for your convenience.
A-Ignition Switch. Operated by key on lower left
side of instrument
(Tractor ignition
can be locked if desired.)
Release. Lower left side of
near ignition switch. (To lower, trip
latch at binge point.)
C-Clutch Pedal. Located on le£t side of trans-
mission housing.
D-Left Wheel Brake Pedal.
E-Right Wheel Brake Pedal.
F-Master Brake Pedal. Simultaneously controls
both brakes.
G-Master Brake Pedal Pawl Enables operator
to lock pedal Master Brake in any position.
H-Choke. Choke button on the lower right-hand
side of the instrument panel.
I-Shift Lever. Located on transmission housing
ahead of tractor seat. Various gear speeds are
indicated by raised numerals on the transmis-
sion housing cover.
J..-Stm1er Switch. The safety starter switch is
operated by the gear-shift lever I. It is impos-
sible to start engine when tractor is in gear.
K-Throttle. On right side of steering column.
(For adjustment, see "Governor", Mainte-
nance Section, page 19).
L-Oil Pressure Gauge. Right side of instrument
panel. Normal reading approximately 25-35
lbs. per square inch at full throttle. Always
check for adequate oil pressure.
harge Indicator Light. Right side of instru-
ment panel. Light comes on if generator
not charging.
Tip Control Lever. Controls hydraulic
Always lock
"down position" when
drawbar stays are
0-Twin Hydraulic Pump Outlets. For use with
tools and
equipment requiring external hy-
draulic pressure.
Take-off lever (in engaged position)
must be in
position shown be-
fore hydraulic sys-
tem or power take-
off can be operated.
Lever is part of in-
spection plate as-
sembly on left side
of center housing.