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Ferguson Tractor TO-20 Operation and Maintenance Manual

open doors before
starting the
1. Open fuel valve by turning fully to the left;
2. Insert ignition key and turn to right. (Charge
indicator light should glow red) ;
3. Advance throttle � open ;
4. Pull out and hold choke in open position ;
5. Disengage clutch (push pedal down) and en-
gage starter by lifting gearshift lever and
moving to right and forward to "Start" posi-
tion (indicated on transmission housing by
This starts engine cranking;
6. Release choke when engine starts. Charge
indicator light will go out when generator
starts charging.
7. Don't race engine immediately after starting-
give the oil a chance to circulate freely. Oil
pressure gauge should register 25-35 lbs. at
full throttle.
8. Allow engine to thoroughly warm up before
working tractor. This eliminates condensation
and formation of sludge and corrosion which
cause rapid wear of moving parts.
A double hinge provides two more positions
of tractor seat for comfort of operator.
B R E A K - I N
1. Keep your tractor on light work for initial 50·
hour break-in period. A properly broken-in
tractor will give better service, greater econo-
my and improved, heavy-duty operation.
2. Change crankcase oil after first 30 hours.
3. Change transmission oil after first 100 hours.
4. Call dealer for 100-hour tune-up.
Tighten all nuts, bolts and screws.
'JKeep hay,
inflammable material
away lrom exhaust pi