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Ferguson Tractor TO-20 Operation and Maintenance Manual

• The crankcase capacity of the full-pressure oil-
ing system is 6 U. S. quarts, (5 Imperial quarts).
Oil is drawn from the sump through a screen in
the oil pan into the pump, and forced, under pres-
sure, to all engine bearing surfaces.
Position of oil gal-
lery and connecting
rod spurt holes for
lubricating cylinder
from the
push rod tubes.
From the front main bearing, oil passes through
the drilled crankshaft to the front connecting rod
bearing and front camshaft bearing, being me-
tered through the camshaft retaining plate to the
governor and timing gears. Oil from the gallery
passes to the center main bearing and through the
crankshaft to the second and third connecting rod
bearings. The rear main bearing is also lubricated
from the oil gallery through the rear connecting
rod and camshaft bearings.
A passage leading from the rear main bearing
to the rear support of the rocker arm shaft pro-
vides lubrication from the rocker arm bushings
and valves. On the return through the push rod
boles, it lubricates cams, tappets and center cam-
shaft bearing. Another tube carries the oil from
the center main bearing through the oil filter
where it is cleaned.
The oil filter, located in the engine
pan, removes dirt, water, sludge, carbon, grit,
dust, metal and other foreign particles. Its posi-
tion in the bottom of the sump eliminates all ex-
ternal oil lines, and it� efficiency is increased be-
cause it operates at engine oil temperature. Its
care is important to insure long engine life and
lower maintenance costs.
Phantom photo of Ferguson Tractor engine shows
forced oil circulation to all vital engine points.
Removing oil drain plug
from crankcase.
Removing oil filter and
Change engine oil every 150 hours, draining it
from the bottom of the crankcase. Change oil
filter cartridge every 300 hours. Use only an
type filter cartridge. To replace
cartridge, drain oil, remove cover and withdraw
used cartridge and wash screen.
Add one extra
quart of oil when new
cartridge is installed.
To prevent leaks due to gasket stretching, firmly
shellac filter cover gasket to pan or gasket cover.
The engine oil pump is of the single-
stage gear type, and is located on the lower side
of the front main bearing. A relief valve in the
pump body by-passes oil when pressure builds
up to 25-35 p.s.i.
Engine oil losses are prevented by oil
seals at both ends of the crankshaft. Use care in
replacing oil seals to insure proper sealing.