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Ferguson Tractor TO-20 Operation and Maintenance Manual

2. Be sure all shafts and pins
work freely . . . and, when
brakes are off, brake pedals rest
against their stops ;
3. Remove metal plug on inside
of brake drum and turn star-
wheel until shoes set so firmly
against drum that wheel cannot
be turned . . . then back off star-
clicks) until no drag is felt
when tractor wheel is turned.
The master brake pedal con-
trolling both rear brakes simul-
taneously, is located on right side
of transmission housing. Its pawl
enables the operator to lock it in
any position.
4. Test brakes for even balance (when both are
operated together) by driving in high gear,
disengaging clutch and applying master pedal
Master broke pedal is shown in this photograph.
until both wheels slide. A similar check may
be used on each individual brake.
Simple, rugged, long-wearing Bendix internal ex-
panding brakes are used on the Ferguson Tractor.