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Ferguson Tractor TO-20 Operation and Maintenance Manual

The third gear is too fast for use with heavy draft tillage imple-
ments, such as plows, middlebusters, tillers, etc. Such implements,
which operate underneath the ground and which are liable to catch on
obstructions, may be severely damaged if operated at high speeds. This
is true because the impact loads increase as the square of the speed; for
example, if the speed is doubled, the impact load will be four times as
great. To utilize the increased power of the new Ferguson Tractor, it
is much better to use a wider implement, when conditions permit,
rather than increase the operating speed.
It is also obvious that the hydraulic system cannot respond as
quickly to changes in ground contour when the tractor is operated at
high ground speeds, such as may be obtained in third gear. Therefore,
all primary tillage operations should be done in second gear.
The third gear is meant to be used for
light work only,
such as
mowing, raking, field hauling, harrowing (spike tooth), and with im-
plements which operate
above the ground.
With the tractor in motion set the throttle lever about half-way
open. Then quickly flick the throttle fully open. If the tractor speeds
up rapidly the engine is not overloaded-if slowly, the engine is over-
loaded. These remarks apply to
tractor. The overloading should,
be remedied at once to avoid serious damage.
When operating up a steep hill the above test might indicate over-
loading. This is not harmful as it is compensated for when coming
It is
overloading that must be avoided.