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About the John Deere 318

Be sure to look for any serial number comments in the part fit notes. In some cases, the John Deere 318 Lawn Mower/Garden Tractor parts you need depend on your serial number. You can find the serial number on the plate below steering column. Serial numbers include M00318X222001 from 1983 models, M00318X285001 from 1984, M00318X315001 from 1985, M00318X360001 from 1986, M00318X420001 from 1987, M00318X475001 from 1988, M00318X595001 from 1989, M00318X010001 from 1990, M00318X100001 from 1991, M00318X110001 from 1992, M00318X120000 from final. They also have differential mechanical drum brakes. The type 0*Optional 3-point hitch is very reliable. It is used with a non-position control. It is also worth noting that the independent*Optional rear PTO runs at 2000 rpms and the fact that there are not many tractors equipped with an independent front PTO like this one.

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