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What is a tractor pull?

A tractor pull is a competition in which tractors with modified engines "pull" either an implement, such as a plow or tree harvester, or another tractor. These type of competition ins are usually sponsored by agricultural equipment manufacturers, and the winners often receive prizes in excess of $100,000.

The first tractor pull was organized in America around the 1930s or 40s.

The tractors are lined up on a track, and then released to pull along it until they reach an end point where weights measure how far they've come.

One tractor is selected as the "pace setter." It will pull all of the other tractors up to its speed of cruising.

The tractors are then started and released one at a time, with the pace setter pulling first.

Each tractor's speed is controlled by its driver to ensure that it matches the "pace" of the pace setter as closely as possible. If you want your own competition, there's no need to build a track-you can use any reasonably level ground.

You'll need a tractor, of course-we suggest that you find one with no modifications whatsoever and use it as the "pace setter." If there are other tractors in the competition, they should be modified to have equal speed or horsepower to your pace setter for an even match up. You'll also need weights that will hold them back for one lap of the race.

This type of tractor racing is called "Pulling Tractors." It's a fairly new sport that has taken off in popularity across the country.