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Tail Light Cable RH

PART #: 62115821




PTO Clutch Cup

PART #: 4954936




Clip w/Rivet

PART #: 5118582
















About the Ford/New Holland 5000

Make sure you have access to your tractor serial number, because there is a chance that the Ford/New Holland 5000 parts you need depend on that serial number. Usually, the serial number is printed on the transmission, front upper-right corner, stamped into top of casting. Serial numbers for US-production Ford tractors shown. That serial number is determined by the year of manufacturing, so for a 1965 model, it starts with C100000, for a 1966 model it starts with C124200, for a 1967 model it starts with C161300, for a 1968 model it starts with C190200, for a 1969 model it starts with C226000, for a 1970 model it starts with C257600, for a 1971 model it starts with C292100, for a 1972 model it starts with C327200, for a 1973 model it starts with C367300, for a 1974 model it starts with C405200, for a 1975 model it starts with C450700, for a 1976 model it starts with C490300. They also have differential mechanical wet disc brakes. The type 2/1 3-point hitch is very reliable. It is also worth noting that the independent rear PTO runs at 540 rpms. The Ford/New Holland 5000 has an open center hydraulics system with a 8.7 gal [32.9 L] capacity. The pump does the job pushing 6 gpm [22.7 lpm] fluids in the hydraulics system.

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