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Tail Light Cable RH

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PTO Clutch Cup

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Clip w/Rivet

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About the Ford/New Holland 8N

Production of the Ford/New Holland 8N Tractor started in 1947 and continued until 1952. Be sure to look for any serial number comments in the part fit notes. In some cases, the Ford/New Holland 8N Tractor parts you need depend on your serial number. You can find the serial number on the engine block, left-hand side, just behind oil filter. A star indicates steel sleeves, a diamond indicates cast-iron sleeves. Serial numbers include 1 from 1947 models, 37908 from 1948, 141370 from 1949, 245637 from 1950, 343198 from 1951, 442035 from 1952, 524076 from final. They also have manual drum brakes. The type I 3-point hitch is very reliable, capable to lift 800 lbs [362 kg]. It is also worth noting that the transmission rear PTO runs at 545 (1.125) rpms.

Ford/New Holland 8N Tractor Manuals

The Ford 8N is one of America’s most loved tractors, with just over 500,000 built from 1948 to 1952. Many are still in use today; the most common of these models being the Ford 9N and the 2N.
When it comes to farm tractors, the Ford 8N will never replace an International Harvester. It has lower horsepower than larger tractors and no power steering. Hydraulic fluid is not going to activate anything and the PTO belt isn’t live either.
It’s a simple tractor without many of the modern features found in new tractors. What you DO get is rugged reliability and a low cost.
The Ford 8N is perfect for small farm chores in which you need to attach and detach implements. The three-point hitch makes it a versatile tool.
I usually use this for brush hogging, blading the driveway, and pulling a wagon. It’s also good if you want to plant a small crop to attract wildlife.
One of the benefits of owning a Ford 8N tractor is its longevity. The only significant flaws are routine maintenance and there are no major design flaws that would make these tractors unreliable.
These tractors are easy to rebuild because they are so dependable. I can't think of a single part on the 8N that can't be replaced with an aftermarket equivalent.
An 8N tractor has an advantage on the market because it’s still in use. With such a demand for these things on the open market, prices can’t get any lower and parts are plentiful.

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