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About the International Harvester CUB

In 1964, the very first International Harvester CUB Tractors went out. They were produced until 1979. Sometimes, the parts compatibility is determined by the serial number of your International Harvester CUB Tractor, and that info should be listed on the part fit notes. If you don't have the serial number of your tractor, you can find it on the steering gear housing on right side. The serial number starts from 224704 for a 1964 model, from 225110 for a 1965 model, from 227209 for a 1966 model, from 229225 for a 1967 model, from 231005 for a 1968 model, from 232981 for a 1969 model, from 234868 for a 1970 model, from 236827 for a 1971 model, from 238506 for a 1972 model, from 240581 for a 1973 model, from 242746 for a 1974 model, from 246561 for a 1975 model, from 248124 for a final model, from 248125 for a 1975 model, from 248618 for a 1976 model, from 250832 for a 1977 model, from 252109 for a 1978 model, from 253136 for a 1979 model, from 253685 for a final model. They also have differential mechanical drum brakes. The 3-point hitch is very reliable. It is also worth noting that the independent rear PTO runs at 1800 (counter-clockwise) rpms.

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