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Tail Light Cable RH

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PTO Clutch Cup

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Clip w/Rivet

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About the John Deere 1010

The first John Deere 1010 Tractors went out of the factory gates in 1960 and they kept building them until 1965. Make sure you have access to your tractor serial number, because there is a chance that the John Deere 1010 parts you need depend on that serial number. Usually, the serial number is printed on the plate on the engine block, right side. That serial number is determined by the year of manufacturing, so for a 1960 model, it starts with 10001, for a 1961 model it starts with 13692, for a 1962 model it starts with 23630, for a 1963 model it starts with 32188, for a 1964 model it starts with 43900, for a 1965 model it starts with 53722, for a final model it starts with 57312. They also have mechanical disc brakes. The type I 3-point hitch is very reliable. It is also worth noting that the transmission rear PTO runs at 540 rpms.

The John Deere 1010 is yet another of John Deere's popular antique tractors. It was part of the New Generation series, from 1960 to 1965, but it's more than 45 years old now.
One of the versions that makes this tractor so popular is the JD 1010. There are many equivalents and modified versions available, including the Industrial Wheel version (1010W), Orchard version(1010O), Row Crop version(1010R) as well as a Row Crop Utility (1010RU) and Single Row C.
The JD 1010 tractor was produced in Dubuque, Iowa. It came equipped with the option of 2 engines, a 4 cylinder, 2.4 liter diesel engine or a smaller 4 cylinder 1.9 liter gasoline engine. Both engines were manufactured by John Deere themselves and had an output of 36 hp.
The 1010 model was shorter and lighter than some of the best-selling JD tractors, measuring 70 inches from front to back. As the gasoline engine is slightly smaller than the diesel engine, it weighs 1779 pounds while models with a dirtier engine weigh 1832 pounds.
The Industrial Wheel model of the John Deere 1010 was a one-of-a-kind machine. It featured an axle that could not be adjusted and its color was distinctly different from the standard green and yellow that you know from John Deere's products.
All in all, the John Deere tractor from the 1960s was yet another highly popular and successful machine that helped JD build their presence within the US.

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