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Rims & Wheels for John Deere 1020 Tractor

Rim, Front Wheel 4.5" X 16"

Notes & Description
  • Replaces AL17847
  • Dim A (1) For 6.00-16 Or 6.50-16 Tires
Package Quantity 1

PART #: AR52506




Rim, Front Wheel 6LB X 15"

Notes & Description
  • Dim A (1) 15 X 6LB
  • Dim B (2) 6"Bolt Circle
  • Dim C (3) 4 5/8"Pilot
  • Dim D (4) Reversible
Package Quantity 1

PART #: JD1091




Rim, Rear Wheel 15" X 24"

Notes & Description
  • Dim A (1) 15"X 24"
  • Dim B (2) For 16.9"X 24"Or 17.5"X 24"Tires
Package Quantity 1

PART #: AT20521




John Deere 1020 Tractor Manuals

The John Deere 1020 tractor is from the New Generation series and had a long production run that lasted from 1965 to 1973. The tractors are powered by either one of two different engines, both made by John Deere.

The first engine is natural aspirated and has 3 cylinders. It's liquid cooled to prevent it from overheating. These specifications are similar to the gasoline model, which is also naturally aspirated with 3 cylinders that are liquid cooled.

The JD 1020 offers two engine configurations: a gas model (7.5:1 compression) and a diesel configuration (with 2.4L of displacement).

The gas engine supports paper air filters to stop particulate matter from entering the engine, potentially clogging it up with trash.

The John Deere 1020 tractor has two engines with the same gearbox. This is an unsynchronized transmission with four speeds both forwards and backwards, which allows it to reach a top speed of 26.7 km/h (16 mph). The operator uses a dry clutch for changing gears.

The weight of the John Deere 1020 varies depending on the engine it carries. When equipped with a diesel engine, its total weight is 2209 kg (4870 lbs), while when powered by gasoline, its maximum safe ballasted weight is 2145 kg (4730 lbs).

The wheels that support the tractor’s weight are 5.5 inches and 13.6 inches in diameter on the front and rear, respectively.

The John Deere 2020, the John Deere 3020 and the John Deere 2030 are all tractors in the same series.


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