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About the John Deere 8300

In 1995, the very first John Deere 8300 Tractors went out. They were produced until 1999. Make sure you have access to your tractor serial number, because there is a chance that the John Deere 8300 parts you need depend on that serial number. Usually, the serial number is printed on the rear of the tractor, above the PTO shaft. That serial number is determined by the year of manufacturing, so for a 1995 model, it starts with 1001, for a 1996 model it starts with 5001, for a 1997 model it starts with 10001, for a 1998 model it starts with 20001, for a 1999 model it starts with 24001. Some John Deere 8300 Tractors have a 4x2 2WD chassis, but there are also some with a 4x4 MFWD 4WD chassis, all equipped with hydrostatic power steering. They also have differential hydraulic wet disc brakes. The type 3/3N 3-point hitch is very reliable, capable to lift 11,700 lbs [5307 kg]. It is used with an electro-hydraulic draft sensing. It is also worth noting that the independent rear PTO runs at 1000 (1.75) rpms.

Parts for John Deere 8300 Tractor

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