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How to bleed fuel lines diesel tractor?

Bleeding the fuel lines is a process of purging the fuel lines and filters with air.

When you are starting up a diesel tractor, it is important that everything in your engine be working properly, so bleeding out any old or stagnant gas from the system is crucial to avoid problems down the line.

The first step for this task would be to siphon some of the fluids that are in the engine.

This can be done by pushing a tube into the drain valve at the bottom of your tractor's radiator and sucking out about half a gallon or so to get enough liquid flowing through it.

Then, attach another tube to an air pump that is going to blow compressed air into your tractors fuel line(s). After this is done, the air will start to come out of your fuel line(s) and work its way back into the gas tank.

The final step is repeating this process with a clear hose or tube so you can see if any old dirt has been flushed away from your system. Repeat as needed until all traces of dirty liquid have disappeared from the lines and the air coming out of them is clean.