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Parts for Massey Ferguson 165 UK Tractor


Cab Parts


11' Dual Clutch - Heavy Spring PPA

11' Dual Clutch - Medium Spring PPA

12' Dual Clutch

12' Split Torque Clutch - PPA used w/5-Pad Trans. Disc

12' Split Torque Clutch - PPA used w/Woven Trans. Disc

Double Clutch

Single Clutch

Cooling System

Engine Parts


Front Axle/Steering Parts

Axle Components

Axle Related Parts


Spindles and Related Parts

Steering Arms and Shafts

Steering Cylinders and Repair Kits

Steering Related Parts

Tie Rods and Ball Joints

Wheel Components

Fuel System

Hitch & Drawbar Parts

Hydraulic System

Ignition & Electrical Parts

Mufflers/Exhaust Pipes


PTO Components

Rims & Wheels

Rear Rims, Wheel Disc, Related Parts

Rims, Front Wheel


Battery/ Tool Boxes, Doors, Panels

Fenders & Components

Grille Components

Hood Components

Hoods, Cowls, Grilles, Panels, Screens

Transmission & Rear Axle

Clutch Plates and Disks

Clutch Related Parts


Differential Bearings/Cups

Differential Components


Planetary Components

Rear Axle/Differential Components

Rear Axles and Hub Parts

Ring Gear and Pinions

Shifting Components

Trans: Forks, Gears, Shafts

Transmission Gears

Transmission Related Parts