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Tail Light Cable RH

PART #: 62115821




PTO Clutch Cup

PART #: 4954936




Clip w/Rivet

PART #: 5118582
















About the Massey Ferguson 230

The Massey Ferguson 230 Tractor was manufactured between 1976 and 1983. Sold initially at a price of $12,000 (1983), the Massey Ferguson 230 Tractor had a few price variations, so if you got it for less, you found a great deal! We have all the parts you need for your Massey Ferguson 230 Tractor to keep it running. Sometimes, the parts compatibility is determined by the serial number of your Massey Ferguson 230 Tractor, and that info should be listed on the part fit notes. If you don't have the serial number of your tractor, you can find it below steering wheel on instrument panel. The serial number starts from 9A202190 for a 1974 model, from 9A207681 for a 1975 model, from 9A232539 for a 1976 model, from 9A254045 for a 1977 model, from 9A276935 for a 1978 model, from 9A296946 for a 1979 model, from 9A326169 for a 1980 model, from 9A339343 for a 1981 model, from 9A350584 for a 1982 model, from 9A354679 for a 1983 model. They also have mechanical drum brakes. The type I 3-point hitch is very reliable. It is also worth noting that the live rear PTO runs at 540 rpms.