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Tail Light Cable RH

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About the Massey Ferguson 231

Massey Ferguson started producing the 231 Tractor in 1989 and continued until 1999. Did you find a good deal and buy the Massey Ferguson 231 Tractor for less than the original price of $13,000 (1999)? Even if you didn't, rest assured we have plenty of Massey Ferguson 231 Tractor parts in our inventory at 60% off dealer prices for your parts needs. Be sure to look for any serial number comments in the part fit notes. In some cases, the Massey Ferguson 231 Tractor parts you need depend on your serial number. You can find the serial number on the right side of instrument panel. Serial numbers include P17001 from 1989 models, Q01001 from 1990, S01001 from 1991, A01001 from 1992, B01001 from 1993, C01001 from 1994, D01001 from 1995, E01001 from 1996, F01001 from 1997, G01001 from 1998, H01001 from 1999. They also have drum brakes. The type II/I 3-point hitch is very reliable. It is used with a position and draft control. It is also worth noting that the live (two-stage clutch) rear PTO runs at 540 rpms.

The Massey Ferguson 231 tractor model was very popular during the late eighties and early nineties. It enjoyed a production run from 1989 until 1999.

The MF 231 is powered by a Perkins 3 cylinder diesel engine. The engine produces 38 horse power and, to keep it from overheating, has a liquid cooling system that requires 10.6 liters of coolant to fill the system completely.

This power is then transferred to the wheels via a transmission that gives it 8 gears going forward and 2 in reverse.

The MF 231 can hold 48.1 liters of diesel on a 4×2 2WD chassis, with the engine sitting in an open-type of layout. The tractor does not come with a tractor cab, but instead has a roll over protection system (ROPS) bar located to one side.

The open hydraulic system on the tractor needs 34.8 liters (9.2 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid to be filled to make sure it’s full, and the total weight of the vehicle comes to 1843 kg (4065 lbs). However, this weight can increase more depending if there are attachments or ballasted.

Massey Ferguson 231 is an enormous tractor from MF, which was on the assembly line for 10 years before it finally came to a stop. This proves just how popular this Massey was.

The MF 231 is well-equipped with attachments, such as those by Massey Ferguson.


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