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About the Massey Ferguson 50

Production of the Massey Ferguson 50 Tractor started in 1957 and continued until 1964. Regardless of whether you initially got a deal on your tractor (lower than the initial price of $3185 (1964)), with TractorJoe you'll get the best deal on the spare parts you need. You can find in our inventory every kind of spare part you might need to keep your Massey Ferguson 50 Tractor running smoothly. Sometimes, the parts compatibility is determined by the serial number of your Massey Ferguson 50 Tractor, and that info should be listed on the part fit notes. The serial number starts from 510764 for a 1957 model, from 515708 for a 1958 model, from 522693 for a 1959 model, from 528163 for a 1960 model, from 528419 for a 1961 model, from 530416 for a 1962 model, from 533851 for a 1963 model, from 536063 for a 1964 model. They also have differential mechanical expanding shoe brakes. The 3-point hitch is very reliable. It is also worth noting that the live rear PTO runs at 540 rpms.

Parts for Massey Ferguson 50 Tractor

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11' Clutch - Eff. S/N 515433

11' Clutch - Prior to S/N 515433

9' Clutch

Double Clutch

Single Clutch

Cooling System


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Balancer Assembly & Components

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Continental Z134 Gas

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Perkins 152 Diesel


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Fuel System

Hitch & Drawbar Parts

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Hitches: 2PT and 3PT

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Leveling Assy's/Lift Components

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