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Cabs for Massey Ferguson 50 Tractor

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L Handle (Locking)

3040378M1, 1865985M91, 1877159M92, 530316M1, 1884693M91
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  • Replaces 3040378M1, 1865985M91, 1877159M92, 530316M1, 1884693M91
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PART #: 1667203M92




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Massey Harris and Ferguson tractors merged before the Massey Ferguson 50s were even manufactured, so it is better to refer to them by their post-merger name. The MF50 replaced the Massey Ferguson F40 model after 7 years. Massey Ferguson 50 has three engine types. The first is a Continental LP gas engine that displaces 2.2 liters and runs on liquid cooling. Another is a Perkins diesel engine with 3 cylinders and displacing of 2.5 liters run on air cooling. This engine is also gasoline powered and liquid cooled. The last option available to the engine is a Continental Z134, which has natural aspiration. This 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine offers 2.2 litres in size while offering 38 horsepower as its maximum power output. The MF 50 is fitted with 6 gears when driven forward. The Massey Ferguson 50 can a maximum weight of 2729kg (6017 lbs) when given the proper ballast. The total operating weight is 1784kg with the Perkins diesel engine, but will increase to 2027kg when it's installed. The MF 50 was a popular tractor when it first came out in the late 1950s, mainly among small and medium-sized farmers. Many farmers who had small fields and didn’t need a larger tractor were able to make use of the 50. You can find this model still working for these same farmers on many farms or in museums today.