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Steiger Bearcat IV CM-225 - Tractor Specs

Specs for Steiger Bearcat IV CM-225

Make: SteigerModel: Bearcat IV CM-225Years Made: 1983 - 1985n++n++n++IV Series
Factory: Fargo, North Dakota, USAChassis: 4x4 articulated 4WDWheelbase: n/a
Front tire: n/aRear tire: n/aWeight: 24711 to 28450 pounds
Length: n/aWidth: n/aHeight: n/a
Elec. Grounding: n/aElec. Charging Amps: n/aElec. Volts: n/a
Hitch Rear Type: n/aHitch Rear Lift: n/aFuel Capacity: n/a
Hydraulics Type: openHydraulics Capacity: n/aHydraulics Pressure: n/a
Hydraulics Valves: n/aHydraulics Total Flow: n/aHydraulics Valve Flow: n/a
Steering: n/aBrakes: n/aNew Price: $77,000 (1985)

Steiger Bearcat IV CM-225 Serial Number Information

Serial Number:Year Made:Plate Location:

Powertrain for Steiger Bearcat IV CM-225

Engine type: CaterpillarCylinders: 6Displacement: n/a
Bore/Stroke: n/aCompression: n/aRPM: n/a
Gross Power: n/aTorque: n/aTorque RPM: n/a
Net Power: n/aPTO: n/aDrawbar: n/a
Rear PTO: n/aRear RPM: n/aClutch: n/a
Cooling: n/aCoolant: n/aAir Cleaner Type: n/a
Oil Capacity: n/aOil Change: n/aFuel: diesel
Transmission Type: n/aGears: 20 forward and 4 reverse

Paint Information for Steiger Bearcat IV CM-225