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Parts for Zetor Tractors from TractorJoe

Looking for Zetor parts? Look no further. TractorJoe has the largest selection of replacement parts for Zetor tractors! Both professional and hobbyist farmers choose Zetor tractors because they are some of the best in the world. This awarding winning company strives to produce tractors that work as hard as you do. Honor this commitment and only purchase the best replacement parts for your Zetor! TractorJoe stocks some of the highest quality parts for Zetor tractors. We offer top replacements for Zetor tractor parts- only we charge up to 70% less for them than your Zetor dealer!

Don’t worry about your replacement parts not fitting your Zetor. We are constantly updating our catalog to assure that all of our parts actually fit their tractors. This saves you time, money and hassle because you will get the right part the first time! Use our simple searching tool to locate the replacements for the exact replacements for Zetor parts you need or browse through our expansive inventory.

At TractorJoe our prices are low, our shipping is fast and secure, and our customer service is second to none. Give us a call, e-mail us or chat live via instant text to let us know exactly which Zetor tractor parts you need to replace. We are here to help! We also have an active Q&A community to help you find answers to your Zetor questions from experienced enthusiasts and mechanics. When your Zetor Tractor Parts give up on you, let us help!

We strive to be the internet’s leading provider of ag parts. Whether you need a new alternator, starter, water pump, or other part for your Zetor tractor, trust that TractorJoe will get you a replacement for less. We offer quicker service, great products, and lower prices than what you will find at your Zetor dealer! 

TractorJoe is an independent supplier of replacement parts and accessories for Zetor Tractors. We have no affiliation, real or implied, with Zetor or Zetor North America. Any use of Zetor or other logos and trademarks used on this site is intended for reference purposes only.

Zetor Tractor Maintenance Guide

Tractor Maintenance Guide
9 Tractor Parts To Check Monthly
Air Conditioning
  1. Does it turn on?
  2. Does it give full range of temperature options?
  3. Is air blowing at proper levels of intensity?
  1. Does the engine run?
  2. If the engine runs, check voltage at battery without the engine running. A good battery will read ~12.6 volts.
  3. With the engine running, turn on your entire electrical load (e.g. AC, Heater Fans, Lights, etc.). At this point, a proper alternator should be sending ~14.6 volts to the battery.
Clutch Parts
  1. Does the clutch get stuck in any gear?
  2. Do you hear any grinding or creeping sounds?
Fuel Systems
  1. Check the Engine Oil Fluid Level
  2. Check the Coolant Fluid Level
  3. Check the Hydraulic Fluid Level
  4. Check all other fluid levels. Also check for pooling or leaking underneath the tractor. Lower fluid levels could indicate AN area from where leak is originating.
Hydraulic Pumps
  1. Is there an abnormal noise?
  2. Is the tractor operating sluggishly?
  3. Is the temperature of the fluid abnormally high? Refer To Your Tractor Manual For Normal Temperature Ranges.
  1. Is it rusty?
  2. Are the bolts tightened?
  3. Does it need to be unclogged?
  4. Does it need to be replaced? If it is malfunctioning or if the tractor is operating with excessive straws or leaves in the air, you may need a new radiator.
  1. Is the seatbelt functioning?
  2. Are there any cracks in the seat?
  3. Do you need a new seat accessory?
  1. Is the battery charging properly?
  2. Are the electrical connections and wiring functioning properly?
  3. Is the solenoid properly attached?
  4. Is the motor functioning properly?
  5. Do you hear an abnormal noise?
Water Pumps
  1. Is the water pump leaking?
  2. Is the coolant properly working when you adjust the temperature to cold?
  3. Is the belt properly tightened?
Tires & Wheels
  1. Are the tires and wheels properly inflated?
  2. Are there cuts or breaks in the tread or sidewalls